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Readiness Resource Group Incorporated (RRG), Maglev 2000 Corporation (M2000), and Longbow Launch LLC, form a collaborating industry team that is promoting a portfolio of patents for superconducting maglev technologies for advanced surface transport, grid-scale energy storage and national security applications.


Advanced Surface Transportation using Superconducting Maglev


The Maglev 2000 2nd Generation superconducting maglev technologies invented by Drs. Jim Powell and Gordon Danby, as expressed in a broad portfolio of patents, offer the most economical construction and O&M costs associated with high speed surface transport solutions.  Cost per mile of construction is dramatically less than high-speed rail (steel wheel) or prior maglev designs.  M2000 patents include the unique Maglev Emplacement over Rail Road Infrastructure (MERRI) that allows lower speed transit of sc maglev vehicles over conventional rails to take advantage of existing rail yards, central city train stations, and inland and maritime ports. No other maglev systems offer this compatibility or the electronic switching of guideways.  This is the future of freight movement.


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Superconducting Maglev Grid-Scale Energy Storage


A new approach for the grid-scale energy storage and rapid delivery of electric power, MAglev Power Storage (MAPS), utilizes superconducting maglev vehicles to store electrical energy.  With MAPS, the power generated by wind and solar farms could be stored at very low cost and very high efficiency, providing an alternative to battery farms and pumped hydro systems, ready when peaking power demands occur.  Watch video on YouTube Channel



Superconducting Maglev for Defense and Space Launch


Longbow Launch is a new method of electromagnetic launch combining aspects of both railgun technology and magnetic levitation (“maglev”) technology.  This approach provides both a novel propulsion method for accelerating projectiles or launchcraft and a novel pulsed energy storage technology that is capable of efficiently storing and releasing megajoules to terajoules of energy. The capability provides a disruptive technology for pulsed power conditioning, EM Supergun applications, and Directed Energy systems. The combination of Longbow and Maglev Cable Energy (MACE) components enables entirely new defense platforms that have no parallel in the existing strategic context.


Beyond the Longbow Launch technology, our team is engaged in the promotion of StarTram, a significant alternative to conventional rocketry.   In StarTram, spacecraft are magnetically levitated and accelerated to orbital speed, in a long-evacuated tube. The spacecraft is equipped with Superconducting magnets that interact with the passive aluminum or copper loops embedded in the wall of the evacuated tube, levitating and stabilizing it as it travels along the launch tube. Under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), the Maglev StarTram Team is prepared to discuss the patented technologies, operational concepts, and design and safety attributes of the StarTram space launch capability.


The Water Train


Readiness Resource Group Incorporated (RRG), in collaboration with Maglev Strategies, LLC and Maglev 2000 Corporation, is committed to the feasibility study, prototyping and implementation of the superconducting maglev Water Train.  RRG views the Water Train as an embodiment of advanced maglev surface transport inventions of Drs. James Powell and Gordon Danby that can ignite new industries in transportation, grid-scale energy storage while contributing to sustainable advancements in water resources management.  We invite you to consider the concept within the Water Train overview below.


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Water Train,  A better way to transport water



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